In situations where ice and snow put extreme stress on gutters ,Gutterglove Ice-breaker can fix the problem permanently, and keep all debris out of your gutters.  Ice-breaker works by creating a micro-climate inside the gutter using a Nu-heat cable system which eliminates ice damming keeps the gutters running all season.


Many gutters have undersized outlets which can clog easily, by installing high capacity funnel outlets in maintenance is greatly reduced.



Gutter maintenance is a pain and dangerous, many leaf guards do not work as advertised.  In the Okanagan Shuswap the main hindrance to eaves-trough performance is pine needles, roof gravel, snow and ice build up.  So any gutter guard must protect against those issues first and also handle heavy downpours.  We use leaf-guards that have received the consumer reports seal of approval and are guaranteed to keep out debris and protect against ice, snow and bird damage.


Gutter protection.

Bird deterrents.

Gutter-glove Icebreaker.

Wood peckers, Flickers and many other birds can wreak havoc on siding, gutters and your sanity.  We can install many types of bird repellents that will effectively solve your bird problems.

Streamline Exteriors is Canada's number one distributer of the top rated leaf-guard by consumer reports. Gutterglove is a anodized aluminum frame with a stainless steel mesh which completely eliminates gutter cleaning, and is barely visible from the ground.  Gutter-glove pro also makes the gutters incredibly strong and helps prevent snow damage.

Snow stops, or snow brakes hold snow on roofs that are susceptible to sliding snow, and in so doing prevent damage to railings, gutters, lower roofs and even people.  We offer colour matched snow bars, roof clamps (which don't penetrate the roof membrane) slate roof snow stops and many other mechanically fastened snow guards.

Leaf-blaster is the more budget conscious option of the gutter-glove line of leaf guards.  But it's just as effective at keeping your gutters clear of debris.

Snow Stops.